Domestic violence is still rampant in thousands of Indian households. Women especially, have to suffer at the behest of rowdy men. A 30-year-old manfrom Dombivali has been booked for allegedly assaulting his wife with a cricket bat after she took part in a dance event.

Times of India reported that on January 19 the man who has been identified as Sunil beat her 25-year-old wife, Alpa Kalokhe after she got home from her son’s school event. Sunil started abusing her taking part in the dance event and the couple got into an argument.

The man didn’t want her wife to take part and they had argued about the matter earlier as well. After she refused to listen to him, Sunil picked up a cricket bat and beat her black and blue. Due to this, Alpa suffered serious injuries on her head, hands and legs.

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