Felipe Nasr says he is “100% convinced” his Sauber chassis is handling differently to team-mate Marcus Ericsson.

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The Brazilian has struggled so far this season, with Ericsson getting the upper hand in qualifying in all three of the opening races and similarly finishing ahead in the two grands prix both cars have finished. Asked during the Chinese Grand Prix weekend how the chassis had been, Nasr replied: “Same as it was in the last few races.

“I think with a bit of set-up work we managed to get it a little bit better but the similar characteristics I’ve been feeling in the last few races are still there. Lacking stability, a general lack of stability and a weakness in the braking zones.

“We started the same [set-up as Ericsson] and the outcome was like the last few races. I’m struggling big time. I’m feeling a whole general lack of stability of the car, especially under braking, which he is pretty happy [with].

“He’s been happy with the car since this car was built – and I had the chance to drive the car he’s driving back in the test in Barcelona and was pretty happy, too. But since we built this second chassis we’ve been having these handling issues.”

And Nasr believes it is the chassis which is causing the gap between himself and Ericsson so far this season.

“I am 100% convinced that the handling is not as it should be. We see the differences in the cars and the best reference I had was back in Barcelona when I drove his car and I was pretty happy too like he is now. I have the confidence in the team that they will find the problem and they will act on it.”

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