Esteban Ocon has answered his Force India team mate’s complaints the Frenchman’s behaviour in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix two weeks ago.

Ahead of this weekend’s Austrian GP, Sergio Perez reiterated his view that Ocon was at fault in Baku, insisting that he hoped the 20-year-old will learn from his mistake, and take in the true meaning of racing, which entails not crashing with one’s team mate, said the Mexican.

Ocon begged to disagree however, saying that from the team’s point of view, both drivers should be held accountable for the on-track skirmish. 

“After the race I took a plane to go to Silverstone to review [the incident] with the team,” said Ocon.

“They prepared some notes with what they thought and we came to the conclusion that it was a 50/50.

“It was not only my fault, not only Sergio’s fault but it was both of our fault. There were things he did that were not right, there are things I did which were not right so overall it makes it a race incident and 50/50.” 

  • Perez hoping for ‘a change of attitude’ from Ocon

While the team has allwoed its drivers to race each other in the future, Ocon says they will be cautious and try to stay out of each other’s hair.

“I think in the future we will both be more careful to not touch because we can’t lose opportunities like this, to be scoring big points.

“Williams is in a good shape and they are bringing updates to the car. They are getting faster as well. We can’t afford to lose points like that.”

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