How do we love Angela Lansbury? Let us count the ways. 1. Bedknobs and Broomsticks—enough said. 2. Her years-long turn as Jessica Fletcher in the beloved “cozy mystery” series Murder, She Wrote. (We admit to having watched every. single. episode. again during its too-short stint on Netflix.) We could go on, but then we’d never get to the point. 

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Point being, that Lansbury is said to be in talks to join the cast of a new TV adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s seminal novel Little Women, courtesy of PBS and BBC, according to Deadline. (Thank you PBS for this post-Downton gift.) The treasured actress would play the role of Aunt March.

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We cried our eyes out during the 1994 film adaptation of the coming-of-age classic, which follows the stories of sisters Jo, Beth, Meg, and Amy, while their father is away fighting in the Civil War. Who could forget Winona Ryder’s turn as Jo, and Christian Bale as her hot neighbor?

Lansbury is an honorary Oscar winner and has 18 Emmy nominations under her belt, including 12 for Murder, She Wrote. She’s also starring in the film Mary Poppins Returns alongside Emily Blunt, Meryl Streep, and Colin Firth (dream cast) which comes out in 2018. 

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Here’s hoping Angela hears our prayers and signs on the dotted line for the Little Women project. Filming is scheduled to begin next month. 

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