If all you want for Christmas is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, you’re in luck.

After the Internet collectively decided that the politician would be among its 2017 crushes, a JT-loving genius created the ultimate in fan gifts: the Justin Trudeau, My Canadian Boyfriend 2018 Wall Calendar.

The calendar brings lovelorn fans a Justin Trudeau for all seasons, including shirtless Justin, cowboy Justin, jogging Justin, and animal-loving Justin.

Unsurprisingly, the product is a hit, both virally and commercially—Twitter users are losing their minds over it, and (for what it’s worth), the cal is currently the No. 1 bestseller in Amazon’s “Canadian History” category. Skip the textbook, kids: Here’s the next best thing!

Although only three reviews are available on the product’s Amazon page, the response has been unanimously positive—one of said reviews bears the title “He IS my 94-year-old mother’s boyfriend (in her mind)”—can you think of a more fitting gift?

May your holidays be the Trudeau-iest yet.