After taking Japan, Canada, Australia, Russia, & South Korea by storm, Californian clothing company Orisue is ready to invade the Euopean market. Orisue is already one of the fastest growing brands in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Inspired by the three-demensial work of art and craftsmanship of origami, once known as orisue, the company applies this methodology to its clothing. Similar to paper, fabric is plain until there is a design, colour, and stitching. Once these features are meticulously applied to the fabric, the fabric takes life becoming its own revealing the creator’s lifestyle and individualism.

Orisue focusses on positive elements and strives to embrace and represent the diverse lifestyle of individuals who make life interesting for everyone. Its customers are driven by passion and strive towards excellence; one who’s committed to success and dedicated to becoming the best.

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Towards the end of 2005, Michael Huynh (Founder/Creative Director) committed himself to his dream and launched Orisue – an independent apparel company inspired by the youth’s many subcultures such as hip-hop, skate, and art. Focusing on Orisue’s creative direction, Michael teamed up with entrepreneur, Allen Doan (President), to make Orisue a reality.