The military’s newest tactical vehicle has started arriving at Army and Marine Corps units for additional field testing. The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle program is a joint Army and Marine Corps effort intended to supplement or, in some cases, replace Humvees as the primary tactical vehicle for ground troops.

By the mid-2030s, the Army is expecting to have purchased 49,000 JLTVs and the Marine Corps about 9,000.

The new vehicles are designed to be mechanically reliable, easily maintainable, mobile across all types of terrain, and are prewired to link into current and future tactical communication and data networks.

There were some key design considerations during the development process, including survivability and the ability for the vehicles to be transported by ship and aircraft. The crew protection system is an integrated part of the vehicle design and includes a blast-resistant hull, fire suppression system and rollover protection.

The JLTV is outfitted with an intelligent independent suspension system to allow it to maneuver up to 70 percent faster off-road, which also makes the new vehicles a much plusher ride than the Humvees they’re replacing.

The design includes some conveniences, such as cup holders, extra legroom, electronic mirrors, map reading lights and climate control for the rear seats. Indentations in the seats also allow for added comfort for those wearing personal water carriers on their backs.

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