Immigration attorney Linda Vega said she’s surprised by Democrats’ rejection of President Donald Trump’s immigration compromise and called the deal a “great offer,” on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday.

“Currently [DACA] applicants are not able to reapply for any benefits. They’re at a standstill,” Vega said. “If they’re in court proceedings they’re being deported. This plan, this three-year offer by the president would offer them the opportunity to adjust their status to permanent residency or to continue studying in this country or to actually work and pay taxes. So it’s a great offer for a starting point.”

Vega said she was surprised the deal fell through because it would give Democrats the ability to create a permanent fix for DACA.

“I’m very surprised because if they’re asking for permanent solution this at least is a starting point to sit at the table and discuss making it a permanent solution,” she said. “And really, frankly that’s Congress’ job. It’s not the president’s job to offer a permanent solution. That’s why Congress members offer bills to make it a permanent law.”

Vega claimed current DACA recipients are angry and frustrated over the gridlock and are missing out on opportunities to become more educated and assimilated into American culture. .

“It is frustrating for them. And they’re full of anger. They’re full of fear. They don’t know whether they’re going to have to leave this country that they believe is their own,” she said. “But, many of them are losing opportunities to go to universities to study, to be in the workforce and to be part of our American culture. And this is an unfortunate situation that Congress won’t even come to the table and look at their benefit. It’s a very selfish behavior. [sic]”

Vega also accused Democrats of being anti-Trump at all costs and said their behavior is holding the process back.

“I’m very surprised they’re not even considering that there’s a possibility to make this a permanent law. They’re not even looking at offer, frankly because it’s President Trump offering. And I can’t think of any other solution or any other means that they won’t come to a reasonable discussion,” she concluded.