Blake Shelton released his newest video “I live It” from his recently released album Texoma Shore.

“I Lived It” Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Daddy drove the wheels off a flatbed Ford
Flies found a hole in the old screen door
Granny said the dress that my sister wore
To church wasn’t long enough
Mama poured grease in a Crisco can
Put a hundred thousand miles on a Sears box fan
Uncle Joe put tobacco on my hand where
Them yellow jackets torn me up
And I ain’t making this up

Oh, you think I’m talking crazy
In a different language you might not understand
Oh, that’s alright
That’s just the kind of life that made me who I am
Just taking my mind on a visit
Back in time ’cause I miss it
You wouldn’t know to love it like I love it
Unless you lived it
And man, I lived it

[Verse 2]
Granddaddy smoked Salems with the windows up
Drove me around in the back of that truck
We drank from the hose and spit in the cup
We all survived somehow
Them old Duke boys, they’re flattening their heels
Hollywood was fake, wrestling was real
Wouldn’t dream of spending that two dollar bill
From pushing a lawnmower around
I’d go back there right now