New Delhi: A 10-year-old girl’s wish-list of items she looks forward to when Papa Xmas — Santa Claus — visits at the stroke of midnight on December 25 has won hearts of millions.


The letter was shared on Twitter on November 14, with a picture of the list. It has 26 items including, an iPhone 11, $4,000 in cash, ear pods, Mac book air, a real bunny, “Hiydra flask”, and pink pumas.


One user said that if his 10-year-old saw this list she might go “out of her mind with this Christmas list”. Another said: “My eleven year old granddaughter’s list is *exactly the same. Anyone remember when we stood in lines for Cabbage Patch dolls and we thought *that was crazy expensive, back then for a rag doll.


There were more than 1,242,000 likes and more than 238,000 retweets.

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Many other users praised the girl for such a ‘brave’ list. One user wondered what the girl planned to do with the cash. Overall, the tweet sparked hilarious reactions. “Sneaking in that 4K at the bottom is a rockstar move,” commented one user. Another said: “I think she’s planning to move out”.


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