Yesterday, Nicki Minaj and Paper Magazine unveiled the cover of the ‘zine’s winter 2017 issue, and it’s giving us serious déjà vu.

Like the winter issue released three years prior, this installment bears the same iconic cover line: “Break the Internet.”

If you recall, the phase was used when Kim Kardashian West famously balanced a glass of champagne on her butt for the magazine’s infamous photo shoot. SPOILER: The photos did, in fact, break the Internet.

This time around, Minaj is following her pal’s lead, posing for a cover even more scandalous than Kim’s.

The Pinkprint singer’s cover reads “Minaj À Trois,” and aptly features three different Nickis, each wearing a different outfit and hairstyle. As the cover line would suggest, it appears that the Nicki clones are about to engage in some risqué behavior.

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When Ms. Minaj posted the cover image to her personal Instagram account, Kim was quick to give her two cents, both liking the photo and commenting with three fire emojis—the virtual equivalent of a high-five, no?


Kim may have done it first, but there’s certainly room for another Internet-breaking diva in Hollywood.