French President Emmanuel Macron may be looking to rival Canada’s Justin Trudeau for “most handsome world leader.” That might explain the elaborate grooming routine that a French magazine reports is costing taxpayers some Marie Antoinette-level money.

French magazine Le Point reports that the Élysée Palace has paid a makeup artist named Natacha M. a sum of 26,000 Euro (over two payments, one for 10,000 Euro and another for 16,000) over the course of his past three months in office.

The amount converts to about $30,000, or roughly $330 per day since his May 14 inauguration, and is reported to have covered his looks for public appearances and news conferences. And though it may seem to be an astronomical sum, the Washington Post reports that his predecessors in office had similar expenditures (not great optics, as the newspaper points out, in a country where the average per-capita income is slightly less than three months of the president’s beauty budget).

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Macron’s pricey touch-ups aren’t going to last much longer. A spokesperson noted that the president’s astronomical budget “will be reduced significantly.”

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