Fergie’s been teasing her second solo album for what feels like forever (but has realistically been less than three weeks), and the anticipation is driving us mad.

Last week, the singer announced the pre-order date for Double Dutchess (Aug. 25) and with that upcoming Friday now nearly here, Fergie-Ferg offered another exciting tidbit of information: her album’s release date!

According to the Dutchess of pop’s latest Instagram teaser, the edgy new album is slated for a Sept. 22 release—aka less than a month from now (!!!).

But that magic date isn’t all the former Black Eyed Pea leveraged to tide over her fans—she also released a video clip from the mysterious “Visual Experience,” and it includes a sample of one of her new songs.

Like the cryptic photos and videos before it, Fergie’s latest is an amalgamation of jarring black and white visuals and mental asylum-inspired shots. We see a woman moving her lips beneath the guise of a white sheet, her red lipstick boldly showing through. Fergie poses in a black wig and seductive bodysuit in what appears to be some sort of dungeon. She stares blankly while laying on a white bed, a large monocle shielding one eye.

The singer, misty-eyed, walks forward in a black veil, appearing to be in mourning; explosion (!); close-up of eyeball (!). OK, we clearly have little to no idea what is happening in the clip, but we did catch the lyrics.

In a breathy voice, Fergie sings:

You think you know me but you don’t know

You think I’ve had nothing but easy roads

If I could show you the map to my soul

You would probably say I’m crazy

And hungry and angry and lonely and tired

Think of the treasures I brought through the fire

We all fall

And rise again to the throne

Or, at least, that’s what it sounds like she’s saying—official lyrics have not yet been released.

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What does this all mean? We’ll have to wait and see.