Jimmy Kimmel‘s 5-month-old baby boy has made his red carpet debut!

On Sunday, the proud dad, 49, brought his son Billy, who needed to have open heart surgery shortly after birth, to his first public appearance at the L.A. Loves Alex’s Lemonade charity event at UCLA.

“He’s doing well,” Kimmel told E! News. “This is really his first public outing. So it’s not exciting for him … He’s a baby. He doesn’t know anything. But everybody’s doing well.”

The father-son duo were joined by Kimmel’s wife Molly McNearney and their 3-year-old daughter Jane.

Billy made his debut in a black-and-white onesie, while Kimmel was dressed in a button-down and jeans. McNearney, 39, opted for a casual, bright blue maxi and Jane wore a white dress.

Greg Doherty/Getty

Kimmel also shared a sweet photo on his Instagram from the event of him carrying Billy in his arms next to chef Adam Perry Lang, who appeared to be holding a chunk of meat.

“Billy and I love drooling over what @adamperrylang made,” Kimmel wrote.

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Three days after Billy’s April birth, Kimmel and his wife learned their son needed to have open heart surgery.

“My wife was in bed relaxing. A very attentive nurse at Cedars-Sinai heard a murmur in his heart and noticed he was a bit purple, which is not common,” Kimmel said on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“[Nurses] determined he wasn’t getting enough oxygen in his blood, either in his heart or lungs,” he continued. “It’s a terrifying thing, you know, my wife is back in the recovery room, she has no idea what’s going on.”

Billy’s heart surgeon explained to Kimmel and McNearney that their son was born with a congenital heart disease, called tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia. “Basically, the pulmonary valve was completely blocked and he has a hole in the wall between the left and right sides of his heart,” Kimmel said.

“He’ll have to have another open-heart surgery in three to six months,” Kimmel shared, adding that Billy will need a third “hopefully non-invasive procedure” when he’s in his early teens.

VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Tearfully Reveals Newborn Son Billy Underwent Open Heart Surgery

In August, Kimmel confirmed to the The Hollywood Reporter his son will need two more procedures, but is still “doing great.”

“We would like to get [the surgeries] over with and not have to think about it all the time, but it could definitely be worse,” Kimmel said.

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