He’s Australian

Ben was born in a suburb of Melbourne—his American father, Dave Simmons, played professional basketball for the Melbourne Tigers at the time. The Aussie native moved to the U.S. during his sophomore year of high school in 2013, attending the Montverde Academy in Florida. He went on to play college basketball Louisiana State University in 2015. Simmons dropped out the following year in order to declare his eligibility for the 2016 NBA draft. (Spoiler alert: it worked out.)

He Used to Date Tinashe

Page Six’s report indicates that Simmons and Jenner have been seeing each other “for a few weeks,” but Tinashe’s brother, Kudzai, says the duo split just days ago …

Tinashe and Simmons made their relationship Instagram official in late March.

He’s a Full Foot Taller Than Kendall

OK, so Kendall, a runway model, is pretty damn tall: 5’ 10″. Ben, however, tops her at 6’10. So maybe this is the reason Kendall and Khloé (also 5’ 10″) are so eager to date NBA players … ?

He Has a Really Cute Dog/Someone He Knows Has a Really Cute Dog/He Has Generally Great Taste in Dogs and Knowing Which Ones to Photograph

There isn’t much of a story here—but you gotta love a guy with a passion for animals, especially ones that are this adorable.

Umm … He Knows Tristan Thompson

Small world … or is it?? Ben and the father of Khloé’s child, Cleveland Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson, share the same agent at Klutch Sports Group. Check it—arms around each other and everything:

Perhaps Tristan and/or Khloé facilitated a meet-and-greet between Kendall and Ben?