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“I’m here for a film, The Tale, which is about childhood sexual abuse, which Jaya and I have talked a lot about that, and she wanted to be here tonight,” Dern told InStyle. She explained that this year, TimesUpx2 is focusing on  “doubling of numbers of women and underrepresented groups in positions of leadership.”

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Laura will be glad to hear that Jaya’s not just interested in the glitz and glamour that comes with an awards show.  Jaya told the New York Times, “I want my generation to not have to say #MeToo.” And beyond that, she’s working with Everytown for Gun Safety, so Dern can rest easy knowing that she’s making a big impact on the future.

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And for the actual ribbon, Dern explained that she and Jaya knew just how much it meant for it to be visible while they made their way down the carpet. “I had to tie my Time’s Up ribbon on,” she said. “So, there was much discussion in the car about where exactly I should put it.” She ended tying it onto her handbag, putting it front and center.

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