Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh: 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said there should be income tax raids at his home too if he does anything wrong. PM Modi’s statements come amid the opposition’s criticism over raids on various leaders of the opposition just ahead of the ongoing national election.

“After income tax raids, Congress leaders say, ‘we are politicians, why are you raiding our place?’ The country’s law is equal to all. If Modi does anything wrong, the Modi’s home also must be raided by the Income Tax. The law must be equal to all,” PM Modi said at a rally in Madhya Pradesh.

PM Modi was speaking at a rally in Sidhi, 570 km from Bhopal, hours after he filed his nomination papers for the national election from Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi.

Stepping up his offensive against Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, PM Modi said “Tughlaq Road election scam money has been used for naamdar’s (dynast’s) campaign”.

“From Delhi to Bhopal, in the Congress, corruption is the conduct.Your chowkidar is vigilant. Neither the naamdar nor their loyalists will be saved,” the Prime Minister said.

Last week, PM Modi said in an interview that the recent income tax raids on certain politicians were not part of “political vendetta” and things were happening as per the law.

He had said the raids have all yielded proof of corruption, including siphoning of money from schemes meant for the most vulnerable sections of the society like children and expectant mothers.

Earlier this month, the Election Commission had instructed investigation and enforcement agencies under the Union Finance Ministry to ensure that their pre-poll raids remain politically neutral. The poll body also mandated that its officials be informed in advance before any such exercise is undertaken.

The tax department maintains the raids are not politically motivated.