In 2006, an over seven-foot-tall man from India left a worldwide audience in shock when he attacked and destroyed ‘The Undertaker’ as part of WWE, a professional wrestling show. Suddenly, Dalip Singh Rana, who goes by his pro wrestling moniker ‘The Great Khali’ was a household name across the world. Capitalising on his immense popularity, ‘The Great Khali’ was seen campaigning for Anupam Hazra, the BJP candidate from West Bengal’s Jadavpur, who filed his nomination today.

Hitting Jadavpur’s streets in an open top jeep, dressed in a pink t-shirt and garlanded, ‘The Great Khali’ said he Anupam Hazra is like his brother. 

“Whenever he calls me, wherever I am called, I will make it. I have specially come from America to support my younger brother – he is filing his nomination papers. I want to request everyone to cast their vote for him, do not waste your votes. Anupam is a learned man, he knows your troubles and will be able to serve you better than anyone else,” ‘The Geat Khali’ said.

Anupam Hazra is up against Bengali actress Mimi Chakrobarty, who has been fielded by the Trinamool Congress. Mimi Chakraborty is a first-time contestant but is hugely popular in Bengal. The CPM candidate from Jadavpur is Bikash Bhattacharya, Kolkata’s former Mayor and an eminent lawyer. 

Anupam Hazra too is a professor at Vishwa Bharati and a former Trinamool lawmaker. He was expelled by the ruling party in Bengal, allegedly on charges of anti-party activities in March. 

In 1984, Mamata Banerjee beat Somnath Chatterjee in this constituency to become the MP for the first time. The former lawmaker from here is Sugato Bose, a Harvard professor. But after Mr Bose recused himself, Mamata Banerjee brought in Mimi Chakrobarty in the hope of using her star power to woo the electorate. 

Anupam Hazra has an uphill task against Mimi Chakrobarty and Bikash Bhattacharya. He is hoping that ‘The Great Khali’ show swings some votes his way.