The ruling BJP in Uttarakhand on Monday served notices to two party lawmakers for engaging in a verbal spat in public.

“It is a serious matter. Notices have been issued to the two lawmakers asking them to explain their conduct,” the state BJP president Ajay Bhatt said.

A verbal spat broke out recently between BJP lawmaker from Khanpur Kunwar Pranav Singh Champion and the party’s Jhabreda legislator Desraj Karnawal when the latter cast doubts over Champion’s educational and sports credentials.

Champion, who claims to be a wrestler, challenged Karnawal to a wrestling bout at a stadium in Roorkee after he learnt that Desraj had termed his educational degrees and achievements in the field of sports as “fake”.

However, when Champion arrived at the stadium for the wrestling bout, Karnawal did not show up. Champion said he wanted to show Karnawal what stuff he was made of.

He also said the Jhabreda lawmaker did not turn up as he was not strong enough even to bear a slap.

When the Jhabreda lawmaker was asked by reporters why he did not arrive at the stadium for the wrestling bout, he said it was the era of weapons and not wrestling.

Karnawal also said Champion was talking about wrestling because he had “lost his mind”. “He should be taken to a mental asylum, ” he said.

Mr Bhatt said discipline is the party’s biggest value which cannot be compromised.

If the two lawmakers are found guilty of breach of discipline, suitable action will be taken against them, he said.