A shocking 1,000 women and girls have been subjected to the barbaric act of “Breast Ironing”

Not all cultures are equal, and sadly that reality is happening to an astounding 1,000 British girls as they are subjected to the sadistic barbaric sickening act of Breast Ironing, an African practice where, with a hot stone, the breasts are ironed to stop the growth to avoid any sexual advances from men.

Workers in heavily migrant neighborhood London, Yorkshire, and the West Midlands have detailed knowledge of dozens of girls and women separately having been subjected to the horrors of Breast Ironing.

One community worker told The Guardian “It’s usually done in the UK, not abroad like female genital mutilation (FGM).” The UK has all the time to spy on conservatives, to arrest people for mean tweets, or monitor if you can watch porn or not but not when girls and women are subjected to this sadistic and very dangerous act.

Police say they received no reports but yet again they were lying through their teeth as one mother who subjected her kid to this disgusting hell, said that the police let her off with a warning. Yeah, child abuse isn’t as important to British police as Count Dankula’s dog taking part in a joke.

The abuser Mom described what she put her kid through;

“I took the stone, I warmed it, and then I started massaging [my daughter’s chest],” she said.

“And the stone was a little bit hot. When I started massaging, she said: ‘Mummy, it’s hot!’”

Margaret Nyuydzewira a Breast Ironing Survivor said that the useless global laughing stock that is the British police, refused to act on Breast Ironing because they viewed it as a “Cultural Practice.”

“The British people are so polite in the sense that when they see something like that, they think of cultural sensitivities,” Ms. Nyuydzewira told The Guardian.

“But if it’s a cultural practice that is harming children… any harm that is done to a little girl, whether in public or in secrecy, that person should be held accountable.”

Don’t expect any justice or jailing of those who covered this atrocity up dear friends, no one was ever held accountable, No one ever even looked into just how true the allegations against Prince Andrew are when he was implicated in sexual abuse of minors on Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island, not a single arrest was made against those who betrayed the children of Rotherham and covered up industrial-scale sexual abuse, I could go on with countless examples on this topic.