Medicare for all, healthcare paid for through taxation, is in trouble in Northern Europe. More specifically, it’s failing in countries that Democrats continually cite as success stories for single-payer systems.

Finland’s government resigned Friday after failing to implement reforms required to save its taxpayer-funded boondoggle from inefficiency and cost overruns.

“We need reforms, there is no other way for Finland to succeed,”
Centre Party Prime Minister Juha Sipila told reporters Friday.
“There is no way ahead. I am hugely disappointed.”

Finland isn’t alone as Nordic counties struggle with their socialistic healthcare models.

Sweden is set to increase its retirement age and privatize parts of its healthcare system as a fully government-run approach for everyone is proving impossible to pay for.

Denmark is raising its retirement age to 73 and cutting unemployment benefits. The government clearly hopes more people will work longer and die before needing assistance from the government.

Finland has spent more than a decade trying to reform its version of ‘Medicare for All’, but to no avail. Parliament has realized that giving gifts from the treasury is easy, but paying for them is nearly impossible.

But, even with the failure of socialized medicine, Finland’s people increasingly favor politicians wielding socialism as the answer to their problems. Social Democrats have risen to the top in polling while the moderate Centre party went from first to last in three short years.

Socialism fails everywhere it’s tried, but its allure has withstood the test of time. U.S. Democrats are pushing the failed Nordic model in America, despite proof that it won’t work.

Then again, it’s not that U.S. Democrats misunderstand that funding Medicare for All is financially impossible. They just don’t care.

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